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Apo Reef Club Mindoro Philippines


Resorts Info

Resorts Info


The tropical climate in the Philippines consists of three typical segments: the rainy season from June to November, the cool season (25°C) with occasional rains from December to February, and the hot dry summer (38°C) from March to May.
Throughout the year, the ocean water temperature ranges from 25° to 29° Celsius.
The best time for travel in the Philippines is mid-December until mid-May.

In December and January you may experience occasional rain showers.
In March, April, and May it is summer in the tropics, and you are blessed with long, sunny, hot days.


The official monetary unit is the Philippine Peso (or piso in Tagalog), as written on coins and bank notes.
The exchange rates are usually best in the capital, Manila. Out in the provinces it may drop by as much as 20%. In remote regions it may only be possible to purchase goods in pesos or US dollars, so come prepared.


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