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Apo Reef Club Mindoro Philippines


Apo 1

The Apo 1 Boat

The best way to experience the reef is to be out there and stay for an overnight trip or a few days to get more time to dive or snorkel. For liveaboard, our two boats feature a spacious deck with beds where guests can sleep during the overnight trip or a longer stay. Below that deck is the kitchen with dining area and available bathroom for guests.

Our liveaboard is also good for divers who would like to experience the sunset dive and night diving to see more interesting sea creatures that are active during night time. Our speedboat is also available for day trip diving to Apo Reef. Nearby the resort we also have 7 local dive sites to explore, which are also interesting and good for macro but of course we can’t beat the amazing diving in Apo Reef .

Our boat can transport up 10 to 12 people and we have set an area where guests will be comfortable to gear up themselves before the dive. It also have a compressor on board for easy refilling of tanks to make sure that we have enough dive tanks to use by our divers.

Divers don’t need to worry about dining. Our boat have a dining area and kitchen where guests can gather for every each meal. Not as fancy like in the restaurant but good enough to serve a hearty meals while on trip.

On the deck of the boat we have comfortable mattresses provided with pillows and blankets to give our divers a comfortable sleeping during the overnight trip.

Clean and comfortable bathroom with available water source is also provided for the guests to use for shower and changing clothes.
Apo 1 Boat Dining
Apo 1 Boat Pillow and Bedding
Apo 1 Boat Trip
Apo 1 Boat Shower
Apo 1 Boat
Apo 1 Boat Toilet
Apo 1 Boat Spacious Deck
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