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Apo Reef Club Mindoro Philippines


Activities :: MOUNTAIN TRIPS

If you're more of a mountain person, Apo Reef Club can also be a jump-off point for treks and hikes into the mountain forests of Mindoro. Mounts Iglit and Baco National Park in the heart of Mindoro is home to the indigenous Filipino tribe of Mangyans, a gentle, nomadic people who are nature's traditional guardians, gathering forest products and growing corn and sweet potato for subsistence.

The park has eight rivers, rugged terrain, gorges, and plateaus filled with hiking trails covering a total of 97,000 hectares.

It is an Asean Heritage Site and is home to the tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), an endangered buffalo-like Philippine mammal, as well as Philippine deer, wild pig, and a variety of bird species.

The Protected Area Office can provide trail guides and camping guidelines. It takes some 4 to 5 hours to scale the 1,432-meter Mount Iglit, and you can enjoy breathtaking sea views from the summit.
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